Working in a creative agency or communications department presents unique challenges as well as incomparable opportunities. My job is to support the individual so that they thrive in their personal and professional lives so they can:

  • Show up consistently

  • Lead effectively

  • Think more clearly

  • Articulate more confidently

  • Connect with themselves and others more easily

  • Live more calmly and mindfully to the benefit of every person that they come in contact with

If this appeals to you or your team, you are in the right place…



With over fifteen years experience working in creative agencies including Ogilvy, Golin and Ketchum, and across businesses such as Nestlé, Unilever and Microsoft, these industries are not just at the core of my experience but they run in my blood! Today, through my mindfulness trainings & sessions, coaching and mentoring, I help people swap stress for serenity and truly thrive in their lives.



Whether you are struggling with your work/life balance or want to boost your confidence and tap into your power so you can ascend further in your career, my private client practice provides one to one support to help you be more chilled, more of the time and go for your goals.



Deadlines, pitches, resource issues, personality clashes and piling up client requests, your talent deal with so much on a daily basis. Strengthen their resilience and turbo charge their creativity through my team wellbeing services.

“Nina’s an excellent facilitator. All attendees raved about the different approaches Nina taught and how adaptable these were to their everyday life. I would thoroughly recommend this to any potential employers thinking about introducing Mindfulness into their wellbeing offering.”

Fraser Sinclair, HR Director, Golin (IPG)


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